About John "Hilli" Hilliard

Born in London, England, John "Hilli" Hilliard , grew up as the youngest of four siblings. From the age of 11, John was rarely seen without his camera, capturing his images of life in England. He nurtured and cultivated his passion and became well known for capturing the essence and beauty in everyday people and their environment.

Throughout his adult life, Hilli has been fortunate to develop his photographic skills and use them for many purposes, both in a personal and professional capacity.  His work covers over 30 years and many different places all over the globe.

Some Past photographic services have included:

  • Portrait
  • Special Events
  • Real Estate
  • Tasteful Boudoir / Nude
  • Corporate publications
  • In-house high-quality processing
  • Commercial
  • Wedding
  • Product Photography
  • Vibrant black and white photography
  • Large format digital production
  • High profile shoots
  • Private sessions



Feel free to  drop  an email to [email protected]


Excellence Through Quality
John "Hilli" Hilliard